Sunday, January 25, 2009

They're Selling Postcards of The Hanging, featuring Lionel Hollins

(AP) MEMPHIS- Today, the Memphis Grizzlies introduced replacement head coach Lionel Hollins. Whether or not the Grizzlies organization intended the poetry of using the term "replacement head" is unknown, but suffice it to say: it was tough to ignore the still-bleeding head of former coach Marc Iavaroni as it continued to roll off the guillotine and past the podium.

(Candidates for the position of Last Thought Going Through Iavaroni's head are:
- "But I played with Dr. J! I STARTED! WE WON A CHAMPIONSHIP, MAN!"
- "Finally, I can go back to my calling in life as a movie extra, specializing as 'Midlife Crisis Corporate Pencil Pusher.'"
- "Funny how no heads rolled after the team gift wrapped Pau for the Lakers last year..."
- "At least we hosed the Blazers..."
- "Avenge me..."

Were the Grizzlies trying to prove a point to Mr. Hollins by holding the press conference on the gallows? Time will tell.

Either way, Marc Gasol is probably relieved to not have to turn his head every time somebody says, "Hey, Marc."

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