Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dream Team-Up, Pt. 6

Team Name: D. Oderant
Team Members: Greg Oden and Kevin Durant

Since nobody cares about Chris Paul's arm pits, the creative advertising department at Right Guard came up with the perfect mash-up of NBA talent that everyone has dreamed of playing together since 2007. Right Guard has managed to do what Paul Allen's money couldn't; put Durant and Oden on the floor together and on the same team.

Obviously this team will be good. Size inside and length on the perimeter. Oden doesn't need shots while Durant never met one that was outside his range. The only problem with this team up is how sick we'll all be of them reading cue cards about "odor-blocking technology" during the commercial breaks.

TiVo this match-up. It is sure to have as much potential as this dynamic duo. And will without a doubt out do this one

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