Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dream Team-Up, Pt. 7

Team Name: L.A. Gear
Team Members: Baron Davis and Elton Brand

These supposed best friends (though some would argue that they both love certain immortalized former presidents more than anything else) will finally have the chance to play together. And there is nothing David Faulk can do to prevent it. I think.

The most intriguing part about this pairing, assuming neither one of them tears a ligament or strains a muscle warming up or driving to the event, is that they will both be wearing L.A. Lights. The intrigue follows rumors that they will be filming a commercial for L.A. Gear, who is making a comeback into the athletic apparel market, during player introductions. My guess is that the lights will be turned out and they will run around on the court while their sneaker lights flash. Okay so that isn't much intrigue. But since L.A. Gear is footing the bill and paying them large sums of money as a sneaker sponsor it really shows where their heart is.

Elton and Baron better hope they an stay healthy enough to collect the paycheck for the commercial. L.A. Lights don't do much if you are on the trainer's table.

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