Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All He Kept Talking About Was...Glory Days

Just for the sake of argument, here are my Super Boss Halftime picks. I figure the E-Street Band wants to kick out the jams a bit, so...3 songs? With 2 alternates. I would love it if he had the cajones to play all new tracks, but I'm guessing they hired him for his back catalog.

1. Glory Days Upbeat, singalong, well known, NOT on Born To Run, and he played it on Letterman's last NBC show. I think it's jocky enough.

2. Born In The USA Unlike Charlie T, I think Springsteen jumps at the chance to play this song. It's the official, national TV chance for him to have his "This is a song Charles Manson/Ronald Reagan stole from The Beatles/me, we're stealing it back." I suppose he could do No Surrender, but that would just make John Kerry sad.

3. Born To Run His live album from the early 2000s ends with this and, in the brief window of time he has, what's gonna top it?

Thunder Road, if he dares to double up on Born To Run's album cuts.
Hungry Heart, could be a good, more midtempo breather as they gear up to bring down the house with their 3rd song.
Rosalie, a darkhorse, which is cheating a bit since Charlie T already liked it.

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