Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dream Team-Up, Pt. 8

Team Name: Wallaces and Gromit
Team Members: RaSheed Wallace and Gerald Wallace

Maybe you thought we would put Ben back with 'Sheed to remake the good ol' days in Detroit. We would have, but Ben is no longer fun to watch play. There is no logical reason why these two would be put together other than Rasheed is a big man and Gerald is a high flying perimeter type guy. And they share the same surname. Thats really it. As you can see some of the pairings are a little less obvious and unlikely.

But why the Gromit? Why not just the Wallace's? Or Meet the Wallace's? Is it just to play off of the popular British claymation duo? (Which is probably the most dreamy of all the dream team-ups)

The Gromit is not a dog. It is the spot of hair on the back of 'Sheed's head. (see below)

Aside from all of the oddities of this pairing, we think they would play really well together. Gerald, when he isn't hurt, flies around inside and RaSheed would rather shoot 30 foot three pointers. Its the perfect inverse pairing.

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