Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Headlines Than A Scowling Old Man

Mehmet Has the Last Word

We can finally put to rest the great debate of who was the best big man of the 2001 NBA Draft. Mehmet Okur got the best of Tyson Chandler again in their head to head match up.

Okur's line 20 and 7 60% FG 100% 3FG

Chandler's line 7 and 4 60% FG 0% 3FG

And Memo did that in THREE less minutes than TC6
Put down your pen Mr. Sports Writer as Memo had the last word
Let Memo be Memo and TC6 be TC6

Everything Must Go! 7 Day Sale at The Matrix

Day one of the West Coast Shawn Marion Clearance Sale started off on the right foot for the struggling retailer giant.

Marion's line 25 and 13 56% FG 2 steals in 41 minutes

Now that is how you move merchandise folks

Celtics Decide To Kick W Out Of Office Early

After setting the record for best 30 game start, the Celtics have decided to try their hand at setting the worst 30 game record. Boston just wants it all. And maybe there is a little of KG missing his time in Minnesota and trying to make it feel a little more like home in Beantown. Oh how the New Year makes us nostalgic.

On a brighter note, Ray Allen's shooting touch from the first three rounds of last year's Playoffs seems to be returning

Ray's line 4-13 FG 1-4 3FG 13 PTS

Trillion Man March Updates

Brian Scalabrine missed his opportunity at back to back Club Trillion performances by committing a foul. Good Try Anyway Brian!

Jarron Collins put up a nice 4 trillion last night.

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