Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Just Got Txtd re: Merriweather Post Pavilion

Once (or twice) upon a time, I broke up with a girl. It was never pretty, though she almost always was. I had all the post-breakup regret that comes with knowing it's over but wishing it wasn't. Suddenly, people start talking, sometimes to you, sometimes around you. You can't stop hearing about it. It's like you're on Gossip Girl and you're getting texted all sorts of stuff that just rubs it in, kills you, and annoys you all at once.

So it goes with Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Here I am, having decided that me and Animal Collective needed some space, some time. And all of the sudden the interweb won't shut up. I THOUGHT YOU HAD ALREADY REACHED THE PRAISE CEILING, INTERWEB! But no...

STEREOGUM doesn't even try to veil its love. Sure, it shines it all with irony and wit, but the love is untethered.

Not to be outdone (or undersaturate-y), Pitchfork pours it on with a fullblown interview. What's wrong with me that I couldn't even get to the second paragraph without totally checking out? Was it the sycophantic-Art-Thou-The-Savior leanings of the interviewee? Couldn't be. BECAUSE THE INTERVIEW HADN'T EVEN STARTED YET. (Sorry about the all-caps today. I need help.)

Even Aquarium Drunkard gets in on the Age of Aquarius-style lovefest? What happened, AD? You were my mainstay of roots, vintage R&B, gritty folk, and more? Even you fell for the charms of MPP? Sigh. What's wrong with me.

I know we need space, MPP. I think the only reason this even kind of gets under my skin is that, for reasons just like these, I let The Arcade Fire, The National, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah slip through my ever-loving fingers. I really want this to work out, but- my knee jerk reaction to all the hype- is to let you go to the lovers who'll fawn over you.

Maybe we can catch up later this week?

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