Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sun F. Yue: Doer Of The Impossible

A little while back, ESPN changed their box scores. They added a pointless stat; the +/-. Okay, well maybe its not toally pointless but it was a point of devistation for me. I thought that the infamous Club Trillion would become obsolete. The premise is to not log a single stat in the box score during your time on the court. No FG attempts, fouls, turnovers, accidental rebounds. Now you had to make sure the score pretty much never changed during your garbage time.

How fitting that the Chinese, and their ability to do coordinate the seemingly impossible, managed to get a player in the NBA and beat the +/- and land a 3 trillion. And he did it right under the nose of Kung Pow Yao.

Congrats Sun Yue.

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