Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lunch Date at the Merriweather Post Pavilion

I picked up the phone a few times this week to go get that afore mentioned lunch burrito with the Animal Collective at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. It must have been at least four separate occasions before I decided that I would be a man of my word.

Burritos it is.

I am assuming there was some catching up that we did for the first three tracks, but I was a bit more worried about the conversation of the people in line in front of us, whether or not I was going to go with the carnitas or the spicy pork, and wondering if I had enough punches on my card for a free one.

Around Summertime Clothes, I started to get back into it a little. The opening beats on that song seem to really grab my attention every time. Maybe there is going to be something here after all.

By the time Daily Routine starts I am tuning out again. This burrito could have been mixed a little better. That bite was all salsa and the last bite was all cheese. I hope its not all this way. Maybe I can rotate it a little and get a better mix.

Don't you sometimes wish you could "skip tracks" on first, second and third dates? Like the parts when the other person starts talking about past relationships or the "I'll go wherever, you decide" car rides or when they see someone they know and haven't seen in forever. Thats where I am at with Bluish

Doing a little self reflection now. Am I really all the things that are inside of me?

As I was finishing the burrito, I started to wonder why I was making such an effort. I remembered that "some other people said she was hot" and that "we had a good time once" but couldn't really figure out why either of those things mattered. I had a good time once at Boy Scout camp and only went because my friends said it would be cool, but I would never go back now.

Just then Brothersport came on. It kind of has an african tribal singing part going on at the first, kind of like the opening song on Lion King. I can get into this. Dang it. This is what happened last date. It ended with this song and made me want to do it again because I was thinking the whole thing would be this fun.

Once again I left feeling upbeat about the whole thing. Isn't this how abusive relationships start?

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