Thursday, January 15, 2009

No (Seattle) Depression

Its time I got off the "OKC Hatin' Bandwagon" just because of a few management decisions. Truth is, besides the one big, elephant in the room sized decisions, they management has done quite well. Actually they have done really well.

The trio of Durant, Westbrook and Green is just beginning to take shape. They each scored over 20 points last night against the Jazz prompting this post as their coming out party.

3 is a magic number. You can't get it done with two, unless you are named Jack and Meg, and four is too many. (just ask the Celtic's this year with their supposed BIG 4 and a really rough stretch recently) Imagine how much better Almond Joy's or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups would be if they came in packs of three instead of two.

Imagine if the Thunder had stayed in Seattle. We would be comparing these guys to the previous terrific threesome of the Northwest. Nirvana. Durant could be our Cobain. Westbrook our Dave Grohl. Green our Novoselic. It would've been great. Until the Cobain parallel played out completely.

This is where the positive spin of them moving comes in. We have saved ourselves from adding one more to the 27 Club. Now we can compare the trio to another up and coming young group from southern Illinois, just a stones throw from OKC.

Uncle Tupelo was a pioneering band in the early 90's, just like Nirvana. They were playing a little different beat but just as groundbreaking. Featuring two musicians who went on to form two different bands who have garnered success in their own right, the roots were laid in UC. Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and Jay Farrar (Son Volt) were some of the pioneers of the alternative country scene, playing with energy and enthusiasm a la the OKC3.

To be determined later is the inevitable break up. You know its coming. They will find a way to not be able to keep all 3. One will go off to Chicago (a la Tweedy) and be the most successful. The question is which one.

Either way there is reason for No Depression in OKC.

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