Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brand Equity

What does it say about you when a surprise upstart team that came out of nowhere to push the eventual champs to the brink signs you as The Piece Who Will Take Them To The Next Level?

That's flattering, isn't it?

But then your much-anticipated debut season starts to middling (at best) results?

You'd probably ask for a little patience. Give it some time, right? Maybe plop your coach in the volcano, just to keep it happy.

And then, you get injured (like you do so well) and your new team goes on a tear, looking once again like that exciting, upstart team that could scare anybody on any given night.

What are you supposed to think about the media (who couldn't wait for you to don their red & blue uni's, bring honor back to their city of fraternal amorousness, and make the Eastern Conference do their best James Brown impression and break out in a cold sweat) that is- as we speak- editing articles about how they sort of wish you wouldn't come back? About how the chemistry shouldn't be busted up. And a fanbase- still faintly tasting the Upset Sixers afterbirth from last postseason- is remembering what it was like to love and root for this particular group. And agreeing with their busily-typing beat writers.

What does this say about your brand equity?

this is the only picture of Brand in a Sixers jersey in the first 4 pages of Google Search. none of the "action" shots are in a Sixers jersey. but that shouldn't concern Philly, right?

All things being equal, these people booed Santa Claus.

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