Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playoff Musings, pt. 3

It Takes Two or I'm A Believer

Marvin Gaye and Neil Diamond. Both great songwriters who have had their own songs re-popularized only to never receive credit from the masses. Rod Stewart and Tina Turner will never be Marvin Gaye, and The Monkees will never be Neil Diamond. We probably knew that already. But teams in the playoffs are a different thing. After one playoff game, we are ready to anoint and condemn and to compare to the greats. Be it the end of the Celtics or D-Will and Co., be it the coronation Derrick Rose or Yao not missing a single field goal in the Playoffs. I've always held the idea that you can't evaluate the series until two games have been played.
So now we have the evidence to decide who is believable. And just one more tie in back to music, in anticipation of the new St. Vincent album, watch this video to decide who is the most believable...just so you can't hone your skills on picking out a fake which is what we are about to do.

Western Conference

"The Lakers have been playing like crap" is what they say. Or have the Jazz been forcing them that way?
I don't think the Lakers will book their tickets to Cleveland just yet...especially not with their PG posse.
VERDICT: Lakers have a little more faker in them than they did two weeks ago. I'll take Deron Williams in the playoffs over CP3 anyday.

Do I need to spell this one out?
VERDICT: Nuggets look like a good date for The Kobe's.

This is Tony's team. That is Jason's team.
VERDICT: The Spurs might not be a quick out. I mean in the first round.

If the anti-TMAK security can be more consistent...
Just give the ball to Yao and send the rest of the team to block the exits.
VERDICT: Who is still madly in love with the Blazers? Thats what I thought. Roy is looking more like #15 for Jersey, congrats.

Eastern Conference

Can I get a hard foul someone? Anyone? At least send LeBron and Co. to the next round with some bruises. If the 2003-2006 Pistons saw this, they would kick their own butts.
VERDICT: Unchanged.

Put Rose's first TWO games together and he is having an above average post season and not a Magic-esque post season.
Remember, we are a Paul Pierce free throw away from this not being much of a series.
VERDICT: The Champs are still the Champs.

Shaq: 1, Van Gundy: 1.
Lets see if Philly can dig themselves a huge hole at the first of EVERY game and then come back. It makes for good NBA TV ratings.
VERDICT: I believe in the Magic still. But only as far as I can throw them.

The Hawks picked up a few things from the Celtics last year. All bark, no bite.
Miami can only win when they hit the 3. This is like playing roulette.
VERDICT: Wade has never lost a first round series when healthy. He's healthy.

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