Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Ball Soared and The Crowd Roared

Baseball season started yesterday. Maybe you knew but maybe you were too busy wondering whether or not all 70,00 fans inside Ford Field could actually see the NCAA Championship game, or even the Jumbotron for that matter.

In honor of the guys who put on pants with elastic at the bottom and run around in the grass for 162 games, we have a couple presents for you today, since music and baseball seem to go hand in hand like no other sport. The Hold Steady are bonafide baseball fans. Joe Henry wrote a masterpiece of a song with a modern day Willie Mays as the subject. Baseball players get to pick songs to come up to bat to, however terrible they may be.

The first is a gem of the brand new Felice Brothers album. These guys got a lot of attention last year with their self-titled album, and the new album promises to get even more this year.

Oh Ty Cobb, you're dead and gone
you had a game like a war machine
and through the great hall of fame
you wander

The Felice Brothers - Cooperstown

Since I couldn't find the updated version by The Hold Steady, we are going back to the very roots of this song, featuring some lyrics about Casey at the Bat that you have probably never heard.

The Original Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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