Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playoff Musing pt II

A quick apology for being off the grid for a stretch. To paraphrase Bob, "Ain't it just like the day to be busy when you're trying to be so un-busy." Oh well. As Elvis Costello sang, "Life intimidates art."

(Not that this blog is art. Moving on.)

What did we see on Day 1?

- The premiere of another player that commentators can lay their superlatives on. A word of advice to the Doug Collinses of the world: take it easy with the shining reviews and Derrick Rose; save something for the honeymoon. The kid can play. So could Derrick Coleman.

- Subtraction by subtraction If you looked down at Boston from space, you could see the hole KG left. Spin it how you will, fellas, (we still have 2 all-stars, we're still the reigning champs, these are guys who thrive on challenges) but this ain't looking good.

- Yawn. Maybe it was me, but Spurs/Mavs kind of had the feeling of the ol' Old Timers Game, where they used to roll out the retired legends on all-star weekend. I was so bored, I started on next year's taxes. Also yawnful? Portland getting shellacked by Houston. I believe that Portland has it in them, but they didn't show it yesterday.

- Expected. With his dash to the Finals looking less and less troublesome, nobody really thought LeBron would stumble in Kickoff To Coronation, did they? If it weren't so terribly square (and, ahem, anglo saxon), I would suggest Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Takin' Care of Business" as the theme song for the Cavs' postseason. I don't believe they'll be messing around.

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