Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What The World Needs Now

(the title of which is a conscious nod to Cracker's Teen Angst, not Dionne Warwick's midlife tripe. This may or may not become a new series of, basically, gripes)

:: another posthumous Jeff Buckley release of odds & ends cobbled together from the vaults of, essentially, the same 9-10 songs (in NEW and UNRELEASED and LIVE incarnations) from the good-but-lamentably-oversaturating Grace. For a man with, really, one official release, Buckley sure has a lot of releases. Please note: I am a fan. My little brother ensured that. But I don't need to hear the 17th version of "Mojo Pin" from some radio interview. Please, leave my Grace alone.

:: more talk about the NBA's 2010 free agents. Yes, yes, yes! Keep repeating those same things like Rousseau's 15-year-old recording in Lost and digging for new angles like George Clooney in Burn After Reading.

:: more opportunists. Coming soon, I'm sure, are: Farrah Fawcett's behind-the-scenes bio, a heap of vultures (family, hangers-on, exes) waiting to swoop in on whatever these celebrities left behind, a new Jackson 4 album, Steve McNair's high school coach on Oprah, and at least 400 Michael Jackson bio/I knew the guy/inside scoops. In fact, there should be an office pool, where everyone gets to pick a name: LaToya, Quincy Jones, Lisa-Marie, Brooke Shields, Blanket, and the list goes on. Who would you choose if you got first pick?

:: more Michael Jackson coverage. It's both stating the obvious and exacerbating the problem (since our readership is so vast) to even mention it, but I am so done. Though, not without pleading for somebody to make a McCauley Culkin Tribute To Michael poster, which would essentially be a Photoshopped version of the Home Alone poster, but with a sequined glove on one of the hands. There, I'm really done now.

:: I had one for here and I lost it. Let me know if you come across it. I need a hole in my head. Thank you, David Lowery.

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