Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! It's official: Spike Woolridge is all out of damns.

Just minutes ago, Spike Woolridge shocked the blog/sports/useless news community when he came out of nowhere to announce what he called his "total apathy and inability to give even the smallest damn about Brett Favre's decision."

"I'm just tired. Spent. I don't have anymore to give to this decision," he mourned. TMZ and ESPN soothsayers had been teeter-tottering for days about which way Woolridge would finally lean. But the news is now official and Woolridge is over it.

One media source criticized Woolridge's timing, "Mr. Woolridge clearly made a play to one-up Chris Brown's announcement yesterday, Brett Favre's continuing saga, and the death of a true newsmaker, Walter Cronkite. For such things, Woolridge can only be labeled a LaToya Level Opportunist, a coward, and King of the F-List." Brutal.

Other sources have sensed the public's relief that the drawn-out process is over. "I'm just glad he finally took a side," posted Oklahoma City resident and sports blogger ThunderStruck405, "Now I can really focus on the exciting developments with the actual Brett Favre story."

Woolridge has been put on bedrest after an understandably strenuous, exhausting few days.

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