Monday, July 27, 2009

Hitting The Links: Monday Afternoon (UPDATED LINKS)

We here at The Black Converse strive to blog the line between/through/around music and sports (primarily pro basketball). We're still figuring it out. Sometimes we manage to do it all in one post, sometimes it's a stretch, other times we just blog about one or the other. This is unabashedly a work-in-progress, something you can certainly see since our first posts and especially in Charlie T's new Album Box Score features.

But we're not too good/proud/whatever to admit when somebody else hits those notes we're striving for. One of these does. The other is just a good measuring stick for our Q1-Q4 posts.

TBC-influence and legendary homer Bill Simmons talks about one of my favorite movies about one of my favorite fictional bands (Spinal Tap, The Wonders, and The Jonas Brothers have to at least be in the conversation), mixing music, summer in the NBA, and movies. Part One left me only wanting for one thing: Part Two.

NPR's All Songs Considered polled the interwebs about the Best of 09 so far. Here's where we netted out. As with all lists, there are the usual statements-of-the-obvious, mind-boggling omissions, and overhypeds; but as far as lists go, this is one I can stomach.

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