Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What The World Needs Now (midsummer edition)

(the title of which is a conscious nod to Cracker's Teen Angst, not Dionne Warwick's midlife tripe. This may or may not become a new series of, basically, gripes)


:: more athletes milking the suspense of where will they go/will they show up.

:: more Feel Good Stories getting castrated before our very eyes. The PGA could learn a thing or two from ol' David Stern. Lesson The First: When your sport is on the verge of its Feel Good Story of the Year and it's coinciding with People Actually Caring About Non-Tiger Golf, you make things happen by any means necessary. Crease an envelope's corner. Taint the officials. Rig some moments. Magnetize a ball. Get Tonya Harding on the phone and have her tee off on Cink's knees. I don't care. Make a call and make it happen. And, as for you, Stewart Cink? Nice green ensemble.

:: more music blogs claiming a unique angle to music, but all lauding (then dismissing, then re-championing, then ironically liking, get the idea) the same records in synchronicity. And then we wonder where the backlash comes from? COME ON. You folks are the reason I won't be able to objectively approach the latest albums from Animal Collective, Passion Pit, or Grizzly Bear until LeBron is a Knick/Net.

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