Monday, July 13, 2009

Album Box Score :: Grizzly Bear/Veckatimest

A Brief Explaination

Shades of Brian Wilson
When I was talked into this album by the record store owner, included in the pitch was that it had Beach Boys-esque harmonies and was reminiscent of Pet Sounds. I knew the Pet Sounds comparison would be a stretch but the vocals and harmonies did have more than a hint of the Beach Boys.

Shades of Dennis and Carl
These are the dead brothers, so they account for any of the ghoulish or heavenly harmonies.

Reverb and All His Friends
His friends include syncopation, synth, distortion, etc.

Some criticisms of this album/band say that it gets boring. I'm not going to argue too much

This entire album meanders, sometimes its good and sometimes its not.

[Total score: 730]

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