Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Matchups (pop culture edition) : Wayne vs Win

As long as we're talking about matchups and the Flaming Lips, singer Wayne Coyne has a few words (via Rolling Stone) for Win Butler and the Arcade Fire squad. Coyne can be overbearing and might be jostling for headlines, but I kind of believe him. His Earnestness Card has enough punches.

I mean, does this guy look like he might be a little self-serious? He is purportedly a stealer of basketballs.

There have been some historic feuds in the world of celebrities. Hip hop has the most, because it's almost like a rite of passage/marketing no-brainer to go after a fish bigger than your sorry gills. Some famous feuds:

2Pac vs Biggie
The biggest, as evidenced by their deaths.

Lily Allen vs Katy Perry
Battle of the hot pants. This one goes under the same Duh Marketing as hip hop, though. These GWAs need some publicity? Talk some snark about another one. For the record, Katy might be cuter, but Lily's seems cooler, smarter, and, well, less puppeteered. You know, if anyone asks.

Letterman vs Leno
I'm still dumbfounded anytime somebody says they prefer Leno. Even more dumbfounded if they're my friends. And all the more dumbfounded if they stay my friends.
David Lee Roth vs Van Halen vs Sammy Hagar vs David Lee Roth
Toby Keith & Redneck America vs Dixie Chicks
Shut Up And Sing was super enjoyable. Yes, Natalie Maines is a loose cannon. But she didn't say anything insane THAT NIGHT. How can a demographic that celebrates crap like Big & Rich and songs about Boots Up The @$# not see the fun in a little jab about a moronic President who likes to kill people? Oh. I think I just answered my own question.

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