Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If the playoffs started today...

Here are a few of the current match-ups for the 2009 NBA Playoffs

LeBron in Cleveland for the next 10-15 vs. Mo Williams not turning into Boobie Gibson
by that I mean one lights out game and lights off every other game

Mikki Moore and Teambury vs. The Ghosts of PJ and Sam
Something tells me Mikki isn't going to rebound better than the Notorious P.J.B. in only 6 minutes per game.
And I don't see Teambury being content in warmups the entire postseason.

Iverson starting (6-18) vs. Hamilton starting (2-0)
Unless Iverson gets a walker...or waived.

NBA marketing vs. the economy
How can Stern resist Shaq vs. Kobe in the first round? 'Bro vs. Wade in the second round?
So who does he have to bribe for these to happen? Is Bennett still in his back pocket? Does he still have those pictures of Mark Cuban? Can he talk China into taking Yao back right now? Or talk Houston into waving the rest of their team?

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