Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If the playoffs started today...Vol II

More matchups.

NBA Marketing vs DVR
Let's say TNT decides to show a first round game between, oh, The Shaqti and The Kobes. I'm pretty interested in seeing that game. It's a Thursday night. My DVR only lets me record 2 shows at the same time and I've got 30 Rock and The Office back-to-back, plus my wife's Grey's Anatomy. And I don't think I'm the only American who has DVR-Prioritization-Worries. Anyone who spends a little/too much/a little too much time with DVR knows that sometimes something has to give. This life-changing technology has its limits. Do you go to a bar and watch the game live, thus preserving the recording of your shows? Does it mean I'm not a real basketball fan if I think I'd rather watch Tracy Jordan and Kenneth the Page? What do you do? Does the NBA plan for this kind of stuff? I mean, they've gotta know that, in married households, Grey's Anatomy and maybe even that ridiculously terrible spin-off Private Practice are Must See Thursdays for the ladies and that the men are probably going with 30 Rock and The Office, maybe even Chuck. This was supposed to be short. Oops. (By the way, I count DVR as one of the 10 Best Advances In Entertainment Technology, somewhere between HD and IMAX.)

Tracy McGrady vs The 1st Round
The way the Rockets are playing (inspired, happy, hungry, relieved?), they could surprise someone in (if/when/etc) the first round. Who matches up with Yao? And a defense with Yao in the middle and His Brainness & Artest running around? Sheesh. But my point here is, what are the odds that, if the Rockets make a run, Tracy McGrady doesn't suddenly get healthy, say, RIGHT AFTER THE ROCKETS CLINCH GAME 7? A guy like TeeMak would count that as getting the Can't Make It Past The First Round monkey off his back. Can't you see him, an extreme post-game close-up, pointing his finger in the air, in his warm-ups, shouting, "Nothing is impossssssssiiiiiibulllllll..."? Honestly, you don't even see the potential for this to happen?

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