Friday, March 20, 2009

If the playoffs started today...Vol. III

Yes its getting to be that time of the year. The time when nobody pays attention to the NBA for a couple weekends and things start to change. So in order to help you not feel left out when you pick back up with the Association, here are some of the current match-ups if the playoffs started today.

Orlando Magic vs. we are so scared to draw Detroit in the first round that we might have to tank a few games to stay at the 3 seed but will probably get beaten by Philly anyway

Its no secret that the Magic have laid a big ol' goose egg against Detroit this year. Considering the teams fragile psyche and relative inexperience, Detroit is the last team they want to match up with. So while Sacramento, Washington and Memphis are intentionally losing games for a chance at Blake "I got body slammed" Griffen, look for Orlando to be dropping some to stay at the third seed only to have Detroit jump up to the 6th spot in the last week.

Cleveland LeBron's vs. Me being able to be critical of Mr. James

Its also no secret that there is a lack of butt kissing for LeBron here at the Black Converse as opposed to the rest of the televisioned world. But I am finding it harder and harder to find the holes in anything he does lately. In March, thus far, he is averaging 30 pts. 9 assists 9 rebounds nearly 2 steals and shooting 48%. Plus his team has only lost to Boston this month. So keep playing hard in the regular season boys. I'm sure you'll give me plenty of chances in the playoffs to be critical.

San Antonio vs. the switch
While the Spurs are rotating everyone in and out of the injured list to rest up their weary bones, it is getting closer and closer to the time when they need to flip the switch. Good thing it doesn't look like they will lose the 2nd seed.

D-League Playoff Format vs. BCS vs. Eastern Conference
No doubt will we here Shaq make some comment about his team having a better record than 2 or 3 Eastern Conference teams who make the playoffs. Then we will get some reseeding suggestions. Then one of those lower seeds in the East (Detroit/Philly) will knock off one of those higher seeds (Orlando) and Stern will be smiling bigger than the commissioner of the Big East.
Amongst all this, nobody will mention the new D-League format where the top 8 teams make it and starting with the team with the best record, they pick their opponents. Talk about giving the underdog motivation. Imagine Orlando (the easiest to pick on today) having to choose between Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia and Detroit for their first round match-up. I bet at that point Van Gundy would rather "spend more time with his family" and Howard would rather be playing PlayStation with Sir Charles.

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