Sunday, March 22, 2009

If the playoffs started today...Vol IV

As the playoffs seeding and positioning begins to tighten, we think about all the possible scenarios of the teams that will make the playoffs. But there are a lot of good things to come out of certain teams not making the playoffs. Here is a quick rundown of the goodness that would come to you...If the playoffs started today.

Baron and Steve
Nevermind the overplayed Vitamin Water Steve Nash. Forget about the dunk over Kirilenko and the decibel meters up in Oakland. Davis and Nash together, not playing basketball, can be nearly as fun.

D'Antoni and Walsh
If LeBron wins the title in Cleveland this year, and/or next year, you have to wonder if he will still want to go play with...looking for a Knicks player who is under contract past next season...looking...looking...okay I know there are a couple but it doesn't really matter. They are all scrubs including KryptoNate. So it looks like if he goes off to NYC and MSG he will be playing with...wait for it...Himself. So I wonder if Mike and Donny are going to be having playoff viewing parties in that penthouse apartment on 5th Avenue that the team bought and outfitted for LeBron. (kinda like when parents get the room all put together before the baby is born) And I wonder what the looks on their faces will be like when he is going for 50 9 9 a game in the playoffs. Absolute Joy or Absolute Fear? I bet they'll be rooting for Mo to miss open jumpers and Varejao to turn back into Sideshow Bob.

The Real Shaq
Which sidekick will The Real Shaq be rooting for via his Twitter feed? His new best buddie, Kobe? (who has a chance to equal him in titles) His old best buddie, Dwyane? (who has no real reason to get any love from the Big Fella) His on court best buddie, Nash? (to not abandon him on the Suns and ruin the last season of his career) His almost best buddie, LeBron? (who he almost teamed up with at the deadline and has a chance to keep Timmy Duncan from passing him in career titles) His illegitimate son, Dwight? (to do in Orlando what he could never a title. That would mean he would be backhandedly rooting for Van Gundy so thats out)
My guess is he will only be trying to put the attention on himself by dissing all these guys in freestyle rap videos or talking about being 5th all time on the scoring list in heartfelt, halftime interviews.

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