Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trade Questions

First of all, the rumor mill and the "reliable sources" are growing tiresome. The facts, so far, about this Trade Season is that it's all small fries. It's smaller than the card game in Almost Famous when Stillwater's manager uses the Band Aids as a bet. These aren't power players. In fact, most of them are minor pieces. Role players, for some of these guys, is an overstatement. Role sitters is probably more accurate.

So some thoughts:

The Big Cactus to the Cavs
A) There's no way.
B) How great would it be if Shaq just kept traveling and reeling in the championships? At this point, I want him to create a big cushion that'll make it harder for Kobe to "prove himself." I know All-Star Weekend was supposed to eradicate those rivalry feelings. It didn't. Shaq still wants to win The Legacy Battle with Kobe-san.
C) Would this basically be admitting, within a week, that the last 3 big moves they made were failures? 1) Watch Shawn Marion drift off like one of the Oceanic 6 with no island and then get traded to Canada. 2) Fire Terry Porter while watching D'Antoni make the Knicks a story again. 3) Trade Shaq?

The Big Postage Stamp to ____
The only thing that makes this seem possible is New Jersey's dogged determination to clear room for that kid that Jay-Z likes. Mostly, I'm surprised by the teams that are supposedly showing interest- San Antonio and Portland? These are, in my mind, two of the teams that are doing the right stuff to create winning atmospheres.

Is Tyson Chandler happy?
That first practice is going to have Michael Scott Level Awkwardness. I think the players will be fine. But I bet management hates seeing Chandler's agent's number on the caller I.D.

The Buck Stops Richard Jefferson
Chris Broussard says Milwaukee wants to ditch Richard Jefferson. As if anything that organization is doing ever makes sense. I bet they still drunk dial Ray Allen.

Starbury is going nowhere.
That sentence couldn't be more correct on every level. If I were a New York beat writer, I would write a fiery indictment and title it The Cancerbury Tales.

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