Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dream Team-Up, Pt. 16

You didn't think we'd make it before the All-Star Weekend, did you? Well, to all those who didn't believe in us.....

Team Name: Unstoppable
Team Members: LeBron James and Dwayne[sic] Wade

Let's be realistic. This is the only way you will ever see these two play together in the NBA. You know full well that neither will take the paycut necessary to play on the same NBA team together. It just won't happen. That said, for this tournament, they have a lot going for them. (Pushing aside the obvious fact that they are two of the four legitimate MVP candidates this season,) They have some size (James) and both are super quick. Quicker than you might ever imagine. Trying to stop either of them in the lane is futile. Also, like all 2-on-2, this tournament will be Call Your Own Fouls. So, LeBron will be calling fouls on every play, assuring a lot of easy points for his team (because, come on, has there ever been a play in which LeBron wasn't fouled?)

They have the Redeem Team cache. They are both one-man wrecking crews during clutch situations, which is what the entire tournament would be. I don't think many would or could argue that these two would lose a single game. Unless Duncan and Ginobili formed a team, but they are taking the All-Star break off so that they can be good and rested for another run at the Finals. They are so smart, those Spurs.

PS: (From Spike)
Dear Charlie T,
Your favorite team's best player's name? It's spelled D-W-Y-A-N-E.

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