Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dream Team Up, Pt. 11

Team name: "If We Play Together Maybe You'll Stop The Incessant Comparisons" or IWPTMYSTIC for shorter, or MYSTIC for shortest
Team members: Chris Paul (CP3) and Deron Williams (D-Will)

Forever linked, forever compared, and- most likely- forever annoyed by the incessant comparisons and rumors of a rivalry, CP3 and D-Will decide to settle the score NOT in old west, shootout at noon style. But in an unexpected team-up. Like in the comic books when one of the bad guys suddenly works for the good guys. Except they're both really good. OK. That was a lousy example. How about when Apollo Creed and Rocky are suddenly training together?


Their height disadvantage (MYSTIC, not Stallone and Weathers, though that applies too I guess) plays against them (as does- for CP3- the lack of some towering dude to throw repeated alley-oops to), but their speed, tenacity, and smarts will make up for it. They have some gold medal cache, only matched by our #1 team (you can guess, but we won't reveal it to our two readers until we get there).

Can you tell we have This Seemed Like A Good Idea fatigue? Like the Grateful Dead, we will get by-y-y.

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