Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please. No. And, furthermore, never. Ever.

I had to check the calendar- is it really April 1?- and only clicked through because I knew a reputed sports site like wouldn't have any accompanying photos

but (and emphasis on but)


So many thoughts:
- to paraphrase Cindy Lou Who, "why, Greg Oden, why?"

- I guess when you're not ever playing, you kinda get bored.

- what would be worse: seeing Bea Arthur or Greg Oden naked? I'm going with Oden. They're approximately the same age anyway.

- isn't there a Celebrity Orientation class that these first rounders have to take? (Not to be confused with Starving Desperate C-Listers class, where this moronic move would be 101.) Cover such topics as: Careful With That Entourage! and Have Somebody Else Carry The Gun and Don't Text Naked Pictures Of Yourself To Anyone Ever and Just Have A Shred Of Common Sense, Idiot.

- Kevin Durant, anyone? OKC loves their life.

- Somewhere, Sam Bowie is so stoked. His run as the NBA and Portland's big draft gaffe may have, at least temporarily, fallen a spot or two. "Yeah, they picked me over Jordan and I never panned out, but I never sent nude photos and then got them posted online! Holla!"

- Oden apologized publicly, as our stars tend to do (they DO all enroll in Crisis Management 101, it seems). I can't help wonder if he should apologize more for the photos or for playing in 7 games through 2 seasons at several million a pop.

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