Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Nettes-fueled idea

Looking at the Nettes hapless (and, to the record-holding loser Sixers, wonderfully encouraging) season got me thinking:

What if the NBA borrowed an idea from Euro soccer?

Relegate the worst two teams. Move them down.

It curbs tanking. It provides incentive for both players and front offices to a) play like a team, and b) make moves that make a difference. It makes free agency more interesting (fewer players would stick with lousy teams in "pleasant" markets). Charlie T and I have talked a bit about using the D-League as incentive- bringing one team up from the D-League and bringing one team down from the NBA (it would certainly keep things interesting). BUT... looking at the Nettes and their femininely named roster, it gave me another idea:

Relegate the worst team to the WNBA.

No, this is not a Tyler Perry movie. And, no, I'm not using this as a way to air out some latent sexism that, really, I don't have. This is real incentive. Going back to the Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs "Battle of The Sexes" tennis match, this has appeal to everyone. Women want to see women kick men's butts. Many men don't think women can compete with us, that it's cute that they even try (the catalyst for the crappy "you're so beautiful when you're angry" line) It's a concept at the heart of the Road Rules/Real World challenges and any other cookout/family reunion/game night that has used Boys Vs Girls to split up teams.

The Nettes would fit right in.

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