Monday, January 25, 2010

Canada's Team/January Edition

THE RAPTORS ARE HOT, handing the Lakers their 11th loss and taking them out of contention to match the legendary Bulls' Best Season Ever mark. So let's take another look into the Toronto Raptors' bid to become Canada's Team, both legally and in the hearts of the Canadian people. Below the Canadian poll results below, you'll also find the Top 10 Heatseeking Markets (meaning, markets in which the popularity of the Raptors increased dramatically overnight).

1. Canadian Olympic Team

2. Toronto Maple Leafs
3. Neil Young (got the #TeamCoCo bump with an appearance on the last episode)
4. Edmonton Oilers
5. Calgary Flames
6. Ottawa Senators
7. Shania A-Twain (Apparently Canadians were proud of her American Idol guest judge appearance and threw their support behind her CCTRA [Cross Canadian Train Racing Association] team.)
9. Phoenix Suns (Nash-loyalty is at an all-time high)
10. Lilith Fair Roadie Curling Team (after a decade+ hiatus, Ms. Mclachlan's wildly popular curling team is back in the saddle)

Other notables
17. Vancouver Canucks
26. Toronto Blue Jays (75-87)
55. Speed (the little league hockey team that Keanu Reeves coaches for his Canadian TV reality show)

And by beating the Lakers, the Raptors' popularity swelled in the following markets.
Salt Lake City
9. Portland
8. Atlanta
6. Littleton/Boulder area, CO
4. Denver
3. Phoenix
2. Cleveland
1. Boston

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