Monday, November 30, 2009

A League of Their Own

The Nettes are rewriting the history books with every game this year. First, they were to the first team to make jump from the WNBA to the NBA. Then they tied (and should break) the record for most consecutive losses to start the season. Now they are in search of a new coach and could really be trendsetters there too. To help out the record setting Nettes, we have prepared a list of the top coaching candidates who are more than qualified to lead the Real Housewives into battle on the hardwood for the rest of this season.

10. His/her ability to relate to both genders on the team cannot be overlooked

9. Couldn't hurt to stack the deck a little more for the 2010 bonanza
(obviously its the person on the right)

8. Lawrence Frank was bad, but she has one of the greatest videos of all time
(also, cannot be overlooked that she is sleeping with management)

7. Has the WNBA pedigree and looking to break into the Association in a leading role

6. Whose name would look the best next to other "hot girl names"?

5. Probably the closest to the job on this list

4. Seeing this after every win would put people in the seats for sure...on second thought we would never get to see it

3. The best college coaches always go pro at some point

2. This is our favorite...only so we can watch our TNT doubleheaders in peace

1. Ladies and Gentlemen, the new coach of the New Jersey Nettes....Jimmy Dugan

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