Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bango the Buck

Before the start of the season we looked at every team in the league and tried to figure out what intrigued us. Milwaukee was difficult because there was nothing that intrigued us at all until we saw this. The mascot of the Milwaukee Bucks, Bango the Buck, seemed to have the most upside as far as intrigue for the season was concerned. And believe us, we consulted intrigue for the season on this one.

It has come to our attention that a newcomer, who shall remain nameless by request of a faithful reader who say "He hasn't done anything as exciting as get hit in the junk by a ball while standing on the rim", is trying to upstage Bango as the most exciting thing in Wisconsin this side of deep fried cheese curds. Bango, a faithful reader of TBC, is none to happy about fans not looking forward to t-shirt cannons, trampoline dunks, ferocious hand clapping, and (according to this) his signature pizza deliveries.

It looks like we'll have to keep closer tabs on the growing tension and potential one-up-manship going on in Wisco.

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