Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guest Blogger: Zydrunas Ilguaskas

As part of our season-long 910 Conversation, we've enlisted a few guest bloggers to chime in when they feel moved to do so. Breaking the guest-blogging ice today is the Cavs' biggest (ok. tallest.) 2010 free agent, Zydrunas Ilguaskas. The floor is yours, Big Z.

Thank you, Spike. It's a pleasure to blog here. When ESPN declined to send a documentary crew to follow the exciting twists and turns of my pivotal year of impending free agency, I was sad. ESPN2 declining was also tough. But when Sport!!!Channel!!! from Lithuania declined? I hit rock bottom. Thank goodness for The Black Converse, giving this story a place to see the light of e-day it deserves.

Many have asked how The Big Z is coping with The Big Aristotle's arrival. I stick by my initial statement,

"I was just reading the news. That means I'll probably be coming off the bench."

I'm not going to get all Iversonian about it. Does it affect how I look at 2010? Yes. Do I still get paid the same amount? Yes. And, as anybody who knows the Z knows, it's all about the Benjamins.

Even as an all-star, I can accept a bench role when an all-time, Hall Of Fame player like Shaq is brought on. What is harder to stomach is:

the current technical free throw situation.

Of course, Lebron should shoot if he's on the floor. But, somebody else is currently 0-4 over 5 games. Now, if that somebody else were Shaq shooting and missing, as absurd as that scenario is, I could accept it. But my proficient free throw shooting ability is being overlooked for a guy named Boobie? BOOBIE? Who, make no mistake, has made fewer of these technical free throws than Shaq would...

In my next contract, there's gonna be a No Guys With Stupid Nicknames Get To Shoot The Technical Free Throws Over Me clause.
I have my pride.

Also, Spike, no matter what you say, I do not look like this:

Spike note: Yes you do, Z. Yes you do.

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