Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Finals, pt 1

You can only assess things after two games in a long series. I've said it before and this is me saying it again.

That said, I was a little concerned after Game 1 with the commentary from the Dream Crew. So I decided to do a running diary of sorts, following the game and the commentary of Breen, Van Gundy and Jackson. I wanted to be sure that the best were bringing their A game to the Finals just as they expect both teams to do.

(Just one quick thing before the Calls of the Game. I don't need to see anymore graphics about Kobe in Game 1. We get it. Kobe scored 40 points. They guy took 34 shots. 34. And about half of those came with his team already up 15 points. The Greatest Front Runner)

Here are the calls.

"A brick from Vujacic in the corner." (Breen)

Things are starting off good in so many ways.

"The Magic need a solid game from Lewis or Turkoglu, not a great one just a good one." (Breen)

Is this telling you how terrible the Magic played in Game 1 or does it say how shallow the Laker team is?

"Orlando needs a guy who can get his own shot." (JVG)

They also need a guy who can take a charge.

"Dwight Howard is a rarity. He does not curse, he does not swear." (Breen)

I think this was meant as a compliment, but I think it is telling of Howard's aggressiveness.

"They [Magic] should have gone inside and shot a layup." (JVG)

Which game does this relate to?

Kobe makes two shots in two possessions and then this follows.

"Here he goes." (Breen)
"Courtney Lee is thinking 'Oh no not again'" (Jackson)

Then Kobe goes on to score 10 very overstated points in the third while Hedo score 14 extremely understated points. They are approaching the Doug Collins Zone of Superstar Favoritism.

"These are the worst fast breaks I have ever seen." (JVG)

Now there's the JVG we love. Calling it like he sees it.

The moment we've all been waiting for....The Phil Interview.

Coach you talked abou tgetting a flow in that last timeout. How do you do that?

You move the ball.

"JJ Reddick ties the game with 2:19 to play!" (Breen)

I think he was more surprised than excited.

"How many guys say 'Dwight Howard, bail me out?'" (Jackson)

The entire Magic team. On the defensive end.

"Hedo plays defense on Bryant one on one and says 'Hedon't'" (Jackson)

The gem of the night.

OVERTIME. I'm just going to watch this now. But I'd say the Dream Crew is doing an above average job. They've got the Finals jitters out....and it seems Orlando does too.

One last note, I love that Stan Van Gundy was holding a cup of Gatorade in his hand as he watched that final play happen.

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