Friday, June 12, 2009

Admitted Stopgap Post

Charlie T is off in New York City getting nuptialized. If Spike Lee weren't so busy dangling from Kobe's strap, surely he'd be filming "Charlie T Doin' Work." Good for Charlie T. Congrats to him and the new Mrs. Chuck T. Good folks.

It's perfect timing too, as I have neglected my blogging duties in the wake of trying to be a touring musician, trying to stay nonmusically employed, and other lame and unlame excuses that no other respectable blogger would even think of mentioning. Which is fine, because who ever said anything about being respectable around here?

Moving on.

I don't have much of an angle on anything today, but I have a couple of links:

Rick Paulus might as well write for us, with this piece comparing baseball players to 1994 rock radio. This is the kind of music/sports hybrid article that jumpstarted this blog. Well done, Rick. (Sidenote: Simmons doesn't like Pearl Jam's Vitalogy? Who cares? The guy thought Vampire Weekend was depressogoth.)

Speaking of Sports Guy, who now has one more ESPN commercial to his name than Alyssa Milano does, here he breaks down the breakdown in Game 4.

OK. Fine. Here you go:

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