Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playoff Musings, Conference Finals

So I went against my creed after the Lakers/Nuggets game of not commenting on a series until 2 games have been played. It was a bit knee jerk and frankly might be completely invalid after Game 2. But to keep things fair for both the East and the West, I will provide a bit of reaction from Game 1 of LeBrons/Magic.

- Mo makes that shot we are talking sweep, we never see the end of the replay and we have the first straight to "Where Amazing Happens" play ever.

- Did you have any question in your mind that LeBron would successfully tip the ball right to Williams? Neither did I.

- Can LeBron guard Rashard AND Hedo at the same time on every posession? He is going to have to because Sideshow Bob is too immobile and Delonte is to small and Wally is to worried about whether or not he got the right amount of gel in his hair.

- Can SVG ever be interviewed by a sideline reporter and not sound like he is so disappointed in his team he might not come back after half time?

- Back to the Mo shot. Him missing it and ruining the the hype on the Cavs is the equivalent of the last 30 minutes of Wolverine where the entire movie was ruined by the Island of Misfit Mutants and the ensuing nuclear power plant Battle Royale. It totally went from salvageable and might make a good FX run in a few years to the biggest joke of the summer. But it might be the best thing for the franchise making them be a little more critical about the stuff they decide to put out there and maybe, just maybe, we will get a good X-Men movie again. Likewise for the Cavs, this was probably the same kind of "Lets get serious about this" wake-up call.

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