Friday, May 29, 2009

Playoff Musings, Blindsided Edition

"Its so much fun to see someone get blindsided."

Not the exact quote but it was something close to that that everyone's favorite Mormon Survivor said just before his well laid plan was carried out, eliminating the Entrepreneur who thought he had the inside track on eliminating deep V Mormon boy. Entrepreneur never saw it coming, but the best part was the following week when deep V himself was blindsided. Its not often the blindsider gets blindsided immediately after doing the blindsiding. (for those keeping track, my percentage of blindside to words in that last sentence is equal to JR Smiths FG% in game 5)

The Conference Finals have provided a bit of blindsiding on their own. Magic winning game one, then losing game two. Then the Magic being up 3-1. There is also Denver hitting LA hard in the first two games and then getting knocked of their high horse in game 3 and 5. Its really been quite back and forth as far as the teams surprising one another. Who comes out on top of all this? The fans and the networks. Ratings are sky high and it correlates with genuine interest from all of us.

If you like getting blindsided, stop reading now. If you don't, read on. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyone who thought they were getting a Magic/Nuggets Finals is about to be blindsided this weekend, just like those who were convinced that it would be Cleveland/LA and then got T-Boned last weekend.

Jay-Z and LeBron have their own handshake. You've been warned for the last time Cleveland. (get in line now for a Cleveland Stimulus're going to need it)

How does Dwight Howard not flip out every other possession with his team running around behind the 3 point line while he grapples with Big Z and Sideshow Bob only to have to race back down court because someone missed a stupid shot? If I'm Dwight Howard, everyone on my team has a copy of the game 4 overtimes and I hold them down and make them watch it before Game 6. (How does Rashard Lewis make 4 million more a year than D12?) When Howard goes Hulk-Smash on everyone at the Amway, don't say you weren't warned.

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