Thursday, February 4, 2010

Somewhere Googs Is Hearing Footsteps

Its been awhile since we've checked in on Al Jefferson's assault on Timberwolves' history and if trade rumors yield any kind of fruits, it could potentially be the last time we check in. Needless to say this has been quite the journey through the storied past of the Minnesota NBA Franchise.

Last we checked he was sitting comfortably at 11th all-time in points and 7th all-time in rebounds. Flash forward about two months and 9th and 5th respectively. That means in 180 career games as a T-Wolf, he went from dead last to Top Ten and Top Five in two huge categories. He now sits squarely behind Tom Gugliotta in both the points and rebounds categories, and he did it in 50 fewer games.

All-Time Points

8. Tom Gugliotta 4,201
9. Al Jefferson - 3,254
10. Pooh Richardson 3,698
11. Anthony Peeler 3,622

All-Time Rebounds

4. Tom Gugliotta 1,970
5. Al Jefferson - 1,958
6. Wally Szczerbiak 1,932
7. Rasho Nesterovic 1,711

Not much funny or interesting here, except that once KG retires (or sooner) there is a valid argument for the team to change their name to the Minnesota Garnetts. Because really, thats all there is to this franchise, 12 years with the Big Ticket.

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