Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Don't Need To Fight, To Prove I'm Right

The easiest marriage between sports and music is the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl. Thanks to some great artists getting picked to perform in the last few years, Spike and I have remained interested in the TV during the World's Largest Bathroom Break.

Last year we limited all our wagering to Springsteen's Set List. This resulted in varying degrees of success, or me getting lit up by Spike like a receiver trying to make a catch over the middle. With any luck, my guessing of this year's set list will yield better results.

Charlie T.'s Picks
(I've decided that 5 songs is the magic number)
1. Baba O'Riley (how can they not open with this great intro?)
2. Pinball Wizard (sadly the only song I think they'll play off of Tommy)
3. We Won't Get Fooled Again
4. My Generation
5. I Can See For Miles

I think it happens in that order. The only way it could deviate is if they swap Baba O'Riley and I Can See For Miles.

As a side prop bet, I am taking the over on Townshend Windmill Strums (+/- 25)

Spike's Picks
OK, Charlie, I'll fall in line and follow you down the 5-song path. As a lifelong Who fan (my band covered "The Seeker", "Substitute", "Behind Blue Eyes" [better than Durst, don't worry], and "Baba O'Riley"), one who has owned at least four of the 675 different "Greatest Hits" albums.* The Who are harder to pick than Springsteen because their catalog is bursting with more upbeat anthemic rockers than The Boss has. Here are my picks:

1. My Generation-
a classic, a rocker, and it's short.
2. Pinball Wizard- Charlie T. & I agree: this is a perfect second song. People will go ape when that intro starts up.
3. The Seeker- My dark horse. As long as he doesn't pull a Springsteen and change up the words like, "I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked The Shwami, I asked Bill Belichick and he couldn't help me either...", we'll be just fine. A solid rocker. And it's short.
4. Magic Bus- I'm inclined to agree with Charlie T. on "Baba O'Riley" (maybe my favorite Who song), but I'm feeling like a gambling man today. I was gonna go with "Join Together," but it's more obscure. My only worry is that it has a lot in common with "The Seeker."
5. Won't Get Fooled Again- Another song that will require some creative condensing, there's no following this song up. Like I said last year about "Born To Run," if you're smart (Bruce wasn't. Sorry, he wasn't.), you don't try to follow up epic. Especially if it involves a contrived gospel choir behind you. Also, if Daltrey does it right, the all-time epic scream should leave him appropriately voiceless.

I'll miss The Ox and Keith for sure. But so will everybody.

*Honestly, how many are there? I really owned at least four different tapes- Who's Greatest Hits, Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy, The Ultimate Who, and one other- all different track listings, probably different record companies. It's insane.)

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