Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Princess Christina


I am not against anyone for being upset about being injured. It's your livelihood. You (ostensibly) love to play. You're competitive and want to be out there. You want to help your team win.

Or want to just chill. Whatever.

But come on.

Picking on a first year ex-Euroleaguer? (Would Xtina Bosh have been so vocal if KG had landed on his ankle? If you say yes, you are LYING. He went after a youngblood.) Calling out somebody who hustled without malice? Sure, let's not be reckless. Sure, let's not be malicious. (This was neither, by the way). But come on. I don't want anybody on my team who wants to institute itty bitty micro-rules or gentlemen's agreements about when hustle is and is not appropriate. Please.

Give me the guy who dives for the ball, who gets on the floor. Not the guy who believes in some pink cotton candy world of "higher law."

Maybe KG should warn his teammates before diving into the bench for a loose ball. Maybe Robert Parish should've warned Kurt Rambis before he clotheslined him.

Bottom line: Chris Bosh got hurt on a nonmalicious hustle play (in which he may have been outhustled) that happens 5-6 times every game and had to whine about it with some stupid rant about...what...a mutual understanding among players about the propriety of hustle?

Somebody get the Heat a muzzle.

And somebody get 1990's Charlie T on the line to remind 2010 Charlie T what it meant to battle on the basketball court.

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